Probably the most common questions we obtain comes from restaurant proprietors asking using music strategically. Many of these restaurateurs understand the need for using music to help their guests’ experience, but couple of comprehend the guidelines for doing this.

We thought we’d help by discussing our four some tips for implementing music they are driving restaurant success.

(1) Increase Referrals by Playing the best Music

Your concept is the restaurant’s identity. It’s why is you unique. You need to make certain the background music you participate in the background supports your restaurant’s concept. Surprisingly, music is often as essential as your interior decoration, signs, and perhaps the way you present the meals.

This very subject was studied by researchers at Cornell College. They discovered that when music is correctly aligned with concept, consumers show more powerful purchase behavior, visit frequency, as well as an inclination to supply referrals to buddies, family, and acquaintances. Music which was not aligned with concept caused a decrease in repeat visits, low average tickets, and dissatisfaction among patrons.

(2) Increase Table Turns with Faster Tempo Music

Let’s say you can increase table turns by 20% simply by growing the tempo of the music? You can! Research and exercise have proven that faster tempo music increases both table turns and repair speed.

Researchers at Cornell tested faster tempo music (fast song beat) and uncovered a goldmine for restaurant managers. They found the faster tempo music to improve service speed by 7%! The faster tempo also elevated dining rate. Both combined for any 20% rise in table turns coupled with no bad effect on product sales per customer.

(3) Increase Bar Sales with Slower Tempo Music

Let’s say you can improve your bar sales by 30% by slowing lower your own music tempo. You can!

Just like faster tempo music speeds everything up, slower tempo music slows everything lower. Our buddies at Cornell discovered that the relaxing atmosphere produced through the slower tempo music was great for bar sales. Although the slower tempo reduced service speed and table turns, patrons sitting longer and drank more, growing bar sales by 30% while increasing gross margin of 14%.

(4) Show up the amount to show in the Profits

Volume may be used to decrease or increase service speed, dining rate, and patron throughput. Research within the Journal of Consumer Psychology found louder music to become connected with elevated sales each minute while getting no effect customers’ reported satisfaction using the music or service experience. Lower volume, on the other hand, slows lower the dining experience and keeps patrons inside your restaurant longer.

Applying these training is very simple. Increase volume and music tempo to accelerate dining rate and repair speed. This can directly increase table turns. It is the most lucrative mix for that fast-paced lunch atmosphere. During the night, when bar sales are most significant, lower the amount and reduce the background music tempo. Your patrons will slow their pace and drink more, driving up gross margin.

It’s not hard to make use of your restaurant music they are driving referrals and influence the behaviour of the visitors. Try it out and begin enjoying everything your restaurant music provides.

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