Are you planning to leave your job to become a janitor? Want to know what is the average salary of a stripper? Lately, a lot of girls have asked us for advice on starting their career as an exotic dancer. Many taboos have evolved slightly, and it is increasingly common for a woman to make an extraordinary living, provided she has the right tools.

Decide why you dance.

Is it for money and power? The ability to be independent? Do you have a shopping addiction that you have to endure? Make sure you know why you plan to start this activity. This can be very stressful for the body and mind. As dancers, we see things in clubs and hear things from men who don’t always show everyone the best light. Make sure you know that you can separate your life from your work. I started dancing mostly out of curiosity. I knew there was money and wanted to see what all this hype was. If you’re dancing just for the sake of capital, make sure you have the skills to make the money you want before going for stripper auditions in Miami and when it comes to talent, I’m talking about sales skills.

Get ready to treat it like a business.

Because? Because technically, you own a business. For most clubs, you are your boss. You make your hours, your vacations, and your vacations. Set a schedule and stick to it – not just for yourself but for your regulars. Track all receipts (clothes, music, etc.) and any other deductions. At the end of the year, you will be able to write these items for tax purposes (we will detail all the details of this topic during our seminars). Think about health insurance, taxes, and special licenses. (In many cities, dancers must now have a commercial license).

Determine how this will affect your “significant other.” One of the first articles in the newsletter was to tell people you were dancing or not. One of the reasons I wanted my mentor to bring her boyfriend was so I could talk to them about the effects of their dance on their relationship. What are the ground rules for the relationship? Can he (or she) deal with the fact that regularly many foreigners will see you half (or completely) naked? Can your partner come to see your work? I was dating someone when I started dancing, and we talked about their feelings about the situation before we started dancing to make sure that it wouldn’t endanger our relationship.

Find the right club.

This subject is an article in itself! For now, I will address some of the main points. Become a client twice before deciding to work at this club. Be sure to type at the same time you would be interested in working. Do you like the kind of music played? What about the general atmosphere of the customers and the club? Do you like the dress code – for girls and boys? If all girls wear a thong and a triangle, but you prefer to be in a “blouse club,” you should probably consider going to another club.

Plan an “audition” and find out all house policies.

I put the audition in quotation marks because I saw a little of everything. My first “audition” was simply the manager who asked to see my breasts. My second was the manager just seeing me in my clothes and then explaining the rules of the house. I saw managers organize a more “formal” audition and make the girls dance on a small stage for a while. Check the dress code and make sure you bring a few different clothes for an audition if you wish. See you in a different style. Make sure you have walked in big heels if you are not used to it. Are you comfortable with your choice of clothes? Also, make sure you go when they accept “auditions.” Most clubs have some time to see new girls.

Determine your “exit plan.”

This was by far the most valuable advice my friend and mentor advised me, and your exit plan would go hand in hand with the first tip: determine why you are dancing. Exotic dance is not something you can do forever. Determine when, how, and why you will stop dancing. You start your own business, and this is just to help with the upfront costs? My exit plan was a two-part plan. The first part was that I would quit smoking when it stopped being fun when it seemed like “work.” The second part was when I found a job in my field of study – theater management. Keep in mind that if you return to the “real world” after dancing, you may need to explain your work history. Are you ready to answer questions from potential employers? If you are thinking of retiring at a young age and dancing, have you put in place your financial retirement plan?

Have in mind; this is an exhaustive list of some questions to ask and answer before you decide to start stripper auditions in Miami. For those who are already dancing, I hope you have already determined your “exit plan”. In live seminars, we briefly covered most of these topics, and then delved into dance aspects – including psychology, clothing, club management, followed by intense sales techniques that will help you be more comfortable and efficient as a dancer. You start or need to improve your sales skills.

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