The last year has brought about a real change with all the financial hardship, but it has also separated the committed; the winners, the champions, the leaders or whatever you prefer to call them. So, as we enter a new year, let’s really take it seriously. We’ve put together a list of five ways in which you can consistently upgrade your style this year. That will make a lasting change.

  1. Find a local tailor

Finding your correct fit is one of the most important aspects when improving your style. Getting a tailor will allow you to wear all those items that have a slight ill-fit and help take them to that perfect, bespoke look. Tailors are especially useful when it comes to mending or altering vintage garments. Check out your local Yellow Pages or just use the most popular search engine on earth to help you discover your nearest tailor.

  1. Invest in good hangers

One part of looking stylish is being able to maintain your clothes. Especially in hard times like these, it’s even more important that we invest in quality and take care of our purchases in order to prolong their life. However, an area that is often overlooked when concerning garment maintenance is the hangers you use. Nothing kills a suit or a piece of knitwear more than a smashed ‘back-of your- granddads-closet’ wire hanger. All good department stores will stock a good variety.

  1. Follow Street Style Blogs

Street style blogs are a great way of tapping into global style culture. Photographers all around the world are capturing and documenting THE most stylish people on the street.  Spend a few minutes every day browsing your favourite blogs; it’s the little time that you invest which will prove to be a tremendous source of inspiration and will fire up your creativity. Just promise us you don’t fire it up too much, there are some people who are beyond help. Here’s a few to get you started. Face Hunter, The Sartorialist, Street Style Aesthetic, Style Clicker. For example, The Sartorialist were the first to break the wonder that is Serengeti sunglasses.

  1. Get yourself measured

Getting yourself measured is as important to a stylish man as…well, anything. Find your nearest tailor, or if you’re that lazy, at least get your chest and neck size measured. The trustworthy shirt maker, TM Lewin, will do this if you purchase a shirt from them and ask to get it tailored (which is always a must as it’s only an extra £10), plus you can’t go wrong with their quality shirts now selling at lower prices.

So, it’s a fresh new year, one we hope you will grab with both hands and squeeze every ounce of joy from. Our good friend Seth speaks about not wasting the time you have. And itsbecome highly recommended to those people who are really looking to change their lives for the better this decade. For the non-serious people, please do not read.

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