It seems that everybody wants to be a professional model these days. All it takes is one quick photo from their mobile phone and post it on Instagram. If it is done right, it can go viral and will instantly propel them into the modelling world. But when it comes down to reality, is being a professional model a viable career option? The obvious answer is yes. But in fact, it is not an easy route.

Getting into modelling

Being a professional model can take time to secure. After all, everyone can post pictures online, but it takes real hard work and determination, talent, as well as a lot of luck to earn money from being a professional model. Of course, there are a handful of people that are destined to be a model.

Although the modelling industry has become more lucrative and inclusive, you still need to stand out and have a particular factor which will set you apart from everyone else. Unlike other jobs, it is not so easy as searching the job sites or visiting the local job centers because you like to work. Most models are discovered in person, others are found through submitted portfolios.

Creating a good portfolio can be very difficult if you don’t know what you are doing and you are new to the business. There are a lot of companies who can help you create an eye-catching portfolio like UK Models or Modeling Grand Rapids, who can explain the process and stages of being a model and set you up with a good portfolio, a collection of pictures that best highlights your strengths and assets, as well as showcase your looks.

If you would prefer to choose a different path, you can also create a portfolio by accepting modelling jobs. In this industry, it is called TFP or Time for Print. There are websites online that you can post or display your photos or portfolios like PurplePort or ModelMayhem.

Sometimes, you will find paid jobs from these sites. Most of the times, they can provide valuable opportunities for small companies or photographers who like to hire you on a mutually beneficial Time for Print basis. You can also approach these companies for any collaborations, and you will be able to read about how these companies or agencies work.

You can also apply to companies or agencies directly. However, you should avoid paying an agency. Any money that is paid to them should come from your commissioned job earnings as pre-arranged rate or percentage.

Types of modelling

Walking on the runway is what everyone thinks of when you talk about being a model. There are other kinds of modelling, but the traditional catwalk is one of the most difficult to get into because it has the most traditional rules when it comes to this line of work.

Women who want to join in this industry should be at least 5’8 for women, and 5’11 to 6’2 for men, with a toned or slim figure to match the height. In recent years, there is a space for models who are plus-sized, thanks to certain movements and consumers who are buying the clothes they are showing.

There is also space for shorter models, especially outside of the runway, where product sizes are made for people with taller bodies. Today, a lot of models are working freelance. It is becoming more popular, when you consider things like endorse products on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram.

It requires a lot of patience and hard work as well as understanding how marketing principle works, not to mention having a good social media following. Models can also function as a catalogue, promotional, alternative, glamour and pin-up model. You can also appear in the music video T.V series, or if you are lucky, in movies. Some agencies are suited to each of the jobs mentioned above. Models can also work for a particular publication or brand directly.

Safety is your priority

When you are creating and starting your portfolio, it is natural that you want to work with as many photographers and as many photos shoot as possible. Doing so will do wonders for the model. It will allow them to dip your toes in the waters and can build their confidence, as well as secure their pictures to show to potential customers.

It will also ensure that the photos are safe and will not be used in illegal activities. You need to be aware that there are people that will try to take advantage of the models. Some photographers have bad intentions when working with them, especially young models.

You should always research the photographers as well as their work, to get familiarized with their style. It is okay to talk to other models if the photographers are credible. It is likely that other models will be willing to give an opinion to help fellow models.

You also need to set a boundary for yourself before you commit to a project and do not let anyone convince you to accept a job that is outside your comfort zone. Inexperience and young models can be very easy to exploit, so you need to keep an eye for any red flags and warning signs.

If possible, you can take a friend with you. If you are afraid of looking unprofessional, you need to tell someone where you are going at all times. Unfortunately, a lot of photographers have a dark side to them, especially if they are shooting girls for glamour jobs. To know more about fashion photography, visit this site.

Always be aware at all times. It goes without saying when you are 18 years old, and below, you should be accompanied by a parent or a guardian at all times. Most agencies, photographers, or brands who do not adhere to strict rules and regulations are not worth working with. If they are breaking all kinds of laws, this is a big no-no and a major red flag.

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