When you are planning to record in a professional recording studio, it is necessary that you take the right decision. In this post, you can get to read some of the best tips for selecting the right studio that will help you to get started on the right track.

So you have got the songs, played the gigs and logged the miles, now it’s time to pick your recording studio. And, these tips are enough to get you going:

The facilities

There are two factors to decide if the facilities you are getting are the right fit – inspirational and practical. From the inspirational aspect, you need to ask questions like do you like the vibes present in the air, do you like performing there, do you like the way the rooms actually sound, can you relax there etc.

On the other hand, the practical questions include if the room is big enough for your band, if the isolation rooms available are enough, if the location is suitable etc. As an artist, you need to capitalize on the particular advantages being offered by different studios to make the right choice.

The people

It is important to get to know the people of the studio you wish to select for your first recording – like the staff and owners. You can talk with the studio engineer to find out if he is a good fit for your work – you can talk about experiences, music etc.

The rates

Certainly, money plays an important role and you need to keep in mind that the cheapest option does not always mean the worst. On the other hand, the highest rates do not assure you the best quality. The key factor is to ensure the available facilities are worth your money.

The equipment

Definitely, you need to access the studio equipment before making the final decision. Make sure that the studio you select has high-quality recording equipment Also, you need to take care of a few questions like how many monitoring systems are available for playback, if there is any kind of vintage gear available, what is the mic collection system etc.

After recording a trial in the studio, take time to decide. Rate the studio on the basis of the above factors. Your thoughts, research, and gut feelings will definitely help you make the right choice. Songmill Studios can give you the best recording experience in this regard.

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