Movie houses and theatres are these places that people go to when they watch movies and for a very good reason. These places don’t just offer really good popcorn, it also houses a sophisticated and state of the art movie equipment that people go for. These types of equipment enhance not just the viewing experience but also puts the movie watchers at the edge of their seats.

Now, these effects can’t be applied in all films, but if it is, it’s awesome enough that people can say “wow!”. Mostly, these are adventure and action movies where everything comes to life thru the various visual and audio effects that defines what a theatre really is and solidifying its mark as the best place to watch movies.

The problem with theatres: The problem with these places is that not everything can be watched. Like old movies for example. You can’t expect that these movie places will still play Harry Potter forever right? As much as people like you (Potterheads) would want to see “the boy who lived” every day of the year, it would be selfish and unfair to the people that want to see the newer films like superhero movies for example.

The answer to the lack of theatre features: This is the reason why streaming sites and apps has blossomed throughout the years. This is because it offers something that movie theatres cant. The ability to pause, rewind and play as many past movies to your liking. And with great television being made every year, it’s not surprising that everyone is getting hooked on watching more movies at their home and are slowly becoming couch potatoes.

The even better answer to lack of theatre features: If you think that your TV lacks that theatre effect that you are so longing about, how about you get yourself an Odyssey cinema RT-90 and experience a movie experience that will keep you glued to the seats that will make you feel like your boring house and your quiet living can actually be a good theatre house. This cinema projector is offered to you by Odyssey, a leading cinema grade projector manufacturer that has been building home theatre projector for years.

Why you should buy one: Their home projectors like the RT-90 brings the theatres to you and no popcorn necessary. Order Chinese food, pizza, hot dogs, get some ice cream, whatever you like. Enjoy a true cinema experience in your home. This device will put your television to shame, so you better be prepared to be blown away.

It’s more than just  for office use: People always think that projectors are just for presentation only and only belongs to the office and the corporate world. But not Odyssey, this company made sure that they will make you think twice about a projection and treat it with more dignity, because a projector can offer so much, that is if you have the right projector of course.

Odyssey is the leading LCD, LED, 3LCD projector supplier to date that can offer you a true cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. If you have a knack for all things cinema and you love to watch some movies that can no longer be watched in theatres and if you want to watch some movies that you missed and wishes that you could have watched it again in theatre houses, then you better wipe your tears because now with the RT-90, you can now bring the theatre to your home. So if you’re a movie head, a critic or just someone that wants to watch some good movies in the comfort of their own home, then try the RT-90 or visit for your daily dose of the true cinema experience for more products to choose from.

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