Anyone who is interested in 2018 poetry contests will be extremely happy to come across this website. This website features the most up to date listings of poetry contests. When I started taking part in poetry contests, I tried number of websites but all that I was experiencing was disappointment. Most of them out there are just websites without people managing them. No one would respond, I would not even know whether the submission was received or not. I used to experience series of problems using those websites. I persevered because of my passion for writing. I kept trying various platforms and my perseverance did pay its results.

Thankfully, I have managed to spot this website and I am extremely happy with my find. This website gives me quick access to some of the best contests out there. I have stopped searching for contests and there is no need once you are in this website. They do the homework for us. They screen and list only the valid contests which means I have so much of my time freed up which I could actually use to create something beautiful.

This website does not charge any fee, there is no membership. It is a very simple platform with the latest list of contests. Every single contest here in this source has been carefully reviewed by this team so that as a user, I could directly jump on to the contests and take part in them with confidence. No time is wasted. There is no more fear or hesitation in trying these contests. I know every contest listed in this website will lead me to a genuine contest. I have already tested these contests, so I could say it without any doubt that this website is a dependable one and I will continue to use it. I have already recommended this source to others.

If you are wondering whether this website charges any fee for its services, the listings could be accessed with a single click. You do not even have to sign up for any user account. As there is no user account, no personal data is collected including your email or phone number. Therefore it is absolutely risk free.

Contests featured are screened for their validity before they are listed and you will not find any broken links or outdated listings. This is the easiest way to spot the best poetry contests. If it were not to be for this source, I would not have found so many contests that I participated and won. The most dependable and the safest platforms I have managed to find so far. I cannot stop recommending this source to my friends because, it is so good. Those who have wasted their time searching for good contests with cash prize will know what it really means to have a fabulous poetry contests listing website like this one. This website certainly deserves five star rating for its up to date listings and for, user friendliness.

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