Whether you live in America, Asia or any part of the world, it is easy to find that role play activities are famous everywhere. You can easily find that there are some of best kids’ role plays which can help in learning great things to kids and boosting their imagination power. Well, we are going to mention some of the best role play activities which can help them in many ways.

  1. Zookeeper

This well known activity is played by lots of kids. Most of kids overturn the laundry basket on stuffed animals they have. Even some rubber duckies are covered with large bowels and they keep some food and water bowels to make it more realistic. This helps them imagine that how a zoo look like and they try to be part of this zoo by playing role of ay animal too.

  1. Library

Library is one of common place in every city and school. And kids can easily make library with the use of cards and a scanner to make it checkout method. They learn to organize books and plan the method of read –aloud story time. It is fun to play among three to four kids and being the part of this awesome game.

  1. Hair Salon

As everyone know that how a hair salon look like so girls love these because girls love grabbing dolls, putting them on doll chair and using brush to make it like they combing their hairs. They try to create same situation using a toy scissor and such other items. It is great way to learn numerous things. Hair salon has some better benefits like they come up with new hair style to make doll better looking.

  1. Post office

As everyone know that how a post office look like, right? Kids know too. They save some envelops and put some stickers on them and craft it. Even they decorate these to make better looking. They also turn to be the postman and take these mails to friends and families. It let them be creative and learn to work. Being the post-man and then decorating mails and all the stuff help in learning the task of managing work.

  1. Knight and Maidens

Sword play important role in knight and maiden and kids can make it from anything they have. Girls love to do it with combs and boys have their own toys to do it. Girls become the princess by wearing hat and trying the accent of princes. Even boys become their protectors and this drama of complete madness never ends easily. So, this drama teaches some great things. It is great way to learn numerous things easily and it is reliable too.

The above given are some of loved Amazing Kids Role Play Activities that can be played among kids and they can learn great things in like. Make sure to keep an eye on them because sometimes, kids learn bad things from elders too and they do role-play of them like smoking or role play of drunk man.

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