Cigar and whiskey parties are a popular combination for those who want their bachelor party to be a memorable affair.  A Roaring 20’s, theme is a an ideal backdrop for such a masculine affair.  Even if some of the guests don’t smoke or drink, there are ways to accommodate them so they don’t feel like they are being put on the spot.  There are many reason not to smoke, but no one’s judging at a party that celebrates upcoming nuptials.  Let your guests know that the focus will be on fun, not fumes, and offer a few alternatives they can feel comfortable with.    You might brew a batch of coffee and make some Irish Whiskey cocktails, just be sure to leave a pot of black coffee out so when it’s time to make a toast, all the guests will have a cup to raise.  In addition to the coffee, you can offer an assortment of soft drinks and beers, and make your premium brand of whiskey the star of the show.  Bring it out and let the best man make a toast, but don’t insist that everybody have a sip in honor of the groom.  There’s no honor in making guests feel uncomfortable.  If they don’t drink, it’s not the end of the world.  At many parties, there is information about the premium brand featured at the party.  Be sure to have this literature available, but not spread about as if the party is based on the liquor.

Likewise, let people know they are smoking the best cigars on the market today, and that you got them from JR Cigars.  They are purveyors of premium brands of cigarettes and cigars and vaporizers.  If you are handing out cigars to try, you’ll want to be in a well-ventilated area, like an outdoor living space.  Many people are sensitive to smoke and can’t even stand the smell.  But the well-informed smoker will appreciate the aroma from the top-quality leaf tobacco that is used in JR Cigar products.  They offer the best in the business, including name brands like Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Macanudo, Dutch Masters and other brands too numerous to mention.

A highlight of the evening can be a gift certificate to JR Cigars online store, or you can raffle off a class at the JR Cigar University.  Just remember to use a Groupon promo code to maximize your savings, and get ready for a night of great fun.

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