As already discussed in the previous gang article, today (Monday, June 19, 2017) Night Tour in Malang officially opened, its name Malang Night Paradise – “Lampion and Dinosaur Park” and I had the opportunity to feel the excitement of the rides. The first night in Malang. How’s the fun? Look at this!

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Malang Night Paradise – “Lampion and Dinosaur Park” is a management with Hawai, equally in the hands of the same developer, PT. ADIKARYA CITRA ABADI. So, the place is also equally in a nice residential complex “Graha Kencana”.

Due to being one location, the main gate and ticket also become one with Hawai Waterpark. Excellence, for those who have never played water at Hawai Waterpark, certainly not familiar with this place.

Selection of location in residential complex “Graha Kencana”. Also has more value, that is the place is wide enough and away from the crowds of the road, so quite “safe” for families who bring their little children to play here.

Entrance fee is quite cheap, only 25K for weekdays and 35K for Weekend, plus again, for children with height less than 85cm will not be charged entrance fee, or free of charge! Just like in other tourist attractions, the ticket just to get into the sights only, some rides in it can be enjoyed with the purchase of extra coins.


From the main gate, we can already enjoy some pretty self-sufficient parks, up to approximately 30m before entering the main gate of Malang Night Paradise – “Lampion and Dinosaur Park” located next to Hawai Waterpark.

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Oh yes, Do not expect any life inside Hawai Waterpark yes, because the operating hours are different, Malang Night Paradise – “Lampion and Dinosaur Park” is open from 6 pm to 11 pm and Hawai Waterpark open at the morning hours before.

If there is not much pressure from visitors to play the night water, the new Hawaii Waterpark operates till night. Are you sure you want to swim the night? This city of Malang.

After walking down the side of the Hawai Waterpark roadside, we immediately greeted two giant T-rex surrounded by colorful tulips. Do not be afraid, this one is made of concrete with paintings that detail is quite realistic.

As the name implies, Malang Night Paradise – “Lampion and Dinosaur Park”, thank you, after being greeted by T-rex gate, we still welcome one bigger gate again, what more if not the lampion gate, Cool!


In the first zone of this vehicle, we are treated to lights that spoil the eyes. Opened with a nearly 10-meter fountain that dances beautifully around a giant tree-shaped lantern, Malang Night Paradise calls it the Dancing Water Fountain. It is said that Dancing Water Fountain has almost 10 kinds of water dance effects, such as rotating jets, waltz, rain curtain, etc. Duh, sorry deliberately not paying attention names, because already fun to enjoy it directly.

On the left, there is a spot of photos with the flowers of flowers, suitable for you who come here the same pair, romantic enough with the background of flowers arranged to form the heart. The singles, skip the location yes.

Furthermore, on the right side there are many collections of giant mushrooms here, hopefully, the skin fungus is not mentioned here, will only hurt the servant’s feelings only. This park is called Mushroom with various shapes and colors of mushrooms, so it feels in the forest of fantasy!

In front of him, there is a rotating game that can go up and down, just spur the adrenaline. His name is Sweet Dancing, this vehicle is not only for small children, you can also ride it, as long as have a coin yes. Just behind the Sweet Dancing, there is a giant peacock that spins in the middle of the lantern garden. Yes, this is one icon that is quite unfortunate if skipped. The right place is in the middle of the park, making Peacock into the limelight.

Oops, do not miss too, on the left of this Peacock there are dragons and two ancient animals that can be climbed. All three lined up neatly on the left side of Malang Night. Just like the rides Sweet Dancing, these three magical creatures also just want to move if it is entered the same coin.

In addition, there are actually many Lampion in Malang Night Paradise, there is a collection of beautiful swans, a cute panda family, a flower of Yaman that can bloom itself up into the ranks of a unique Russian jar in front of the Collosium.

In addition, there are several species of dinosaurs from eggs and Tyrannosaurus duplicity to the triceratops duo that can be climbed, all presented neatly among millions of beautiful lights.

Until finally, I found a man who made love, his name is Lighting Tunnel! This place also seems to be a favorite of visitors. It really puts Instagramable, a wide array of lights that form a light tunnel. Make sure battery HP or your camera is still 90% when entering this area yes.


Finding some dinosaurs among the lanterns, made me think “oh, this is so bad?” Had been disappointed to think it could only find 4-7 dinosaurs here.

Uh, it turns out wrong. Malang Night Paradise is still a ½ way! And the next zone is Jurassic Park! Here for the families who are inviting his baby, in addition to vacationing, playing and fun, also can learn about the history and various animals ancient.

In every spot, there will be an ancient animal tail complete with information board about its existence. The dinosaurs themselves are made with amazing detail.

Movement and sound really adjusted to the original, almost all parts of the body of this dinosaur can move, ranging from a mouth, eyes to his hands.

Do not ask how many dinosaurs there are, swearing for being so fascinated. There’s really a terrific Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, three cunning and slick Velociraptor faces, a Liopleurodon complete with a pool to the enormous Memenchisaurus!


Well, we are at the end of the travel. Here we are brought to a more modern world. Apart from the world of pre-history, located in the middle of a large yard is a large-scale replica of Dinosaur skeletons.

On the left, there is a kind of workspace from archaeologists, complete with tools that can be used, such as brushes, helmets, scopes, maps, telescopes and some other support tools. More impressed to live with some partially skinned fossil findings.

On the right, there is a children’s play area with sand beaches that seem warm. Right next to it, there’s still one pretest animal, the main character of the Ice Age movie, Mammoth.

Besides Mammoth, there are also prehistoric men and the legend genius Albert Einstein. All three are also good to make selfie photos. Right at the end, occupying an area of nearly 100m neatly lined up several food tents. The placement is really fitting because this long journey takes a lot of energy, so now it’s time to eat.


Disappointingly, 25K-35K is a very decent price to “cheap”, far beyond the experience we will get. Disappointingly, there is nothing “new” in the world of lanterns, considering that similar entertainment venue Malang Night Paradise had been there earlier, even a few years ago. Of course, it will be very disappointing for the pioneer when there are Malang Night Paradise more beautiful colors.

Disappointingly, this new Dinosaur flock is present at this time and earned the title of “first”, considering Jurassic Park which became its reference has been booming since 1993! Really Steven Spielberg landing film is indeed timeless.

Disappointing, the place is in the city of Malang and quite close to where I live it will really be a temptation of its own. Need to arrange an agent for the next few months to bring some big family to enjoy Jurassic Park version of Malang Night Paradise, to disappoint the wallet!

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