There are many things that go into making a perfect wedding. Whenever you see a beautiful wedding, and it seemed that everything went smoothly and beautiful, you should realize that many questions were asked about every aspect of the wedding.

The wedding venue is one of the most important factors of a wedding, if not the most important part. Almost all other elements of a good wedding: the food, the décor and so on are pointless without the venue.

#1: Availability of the venue

Perhaps the first question that you should ask is the availability of the venue that you intend to book. The best wedding venues are usually booked up so you need to be sure that the venue that you have in mind is available on your wedding day.

#2: Price of the venue

The next thing that you should probably consider is the price of the venue that you intend to use. Different wedding halls and venues have different prices from the quite affordable to the quite expensive and many times, prices depend on the day of the week, the number of hours that you are using the venue, the time of the day and even the season that you are booking in. You need to know that the venue that you intend to use fits into your budget and will not affect other things at your wedding that you want to spend money on.

One advice is that you should try to visit your venue before the day of the wedding. To allow for smooth running of things, it is important to know the charges for extra hours, if there are any. You may ask how early you are allowed to arrive and how late you are allowed to stay after the event.

#3: Payment method

On payment, you may want to know if you have to pay full upfront or you are allowed to pay in installments. If you are allowed to pay in installments, you should ask how much deposits you are allowed to pay. Most venues will require that you pay up the balance before the wedding date. You might need to be prepared for that. You may want to find out the total of all the charges involved in renting the venue. Know if all charges include cleaning fees, service charges and so on. You may also want to find out the cancellation policies and know how long you have before you can’t make any more changes to the reservations that you have made.

#4: Logistic Plans

Finally, you may want to make logistics plans including bathrooms, parking lots, sound and lighting equipment, decors, vendors, food and drinks, ushering, security, and so on and so forth.

No matter what your budget is or the idea of the perfect wedding that you have in mind, always remember that you should leave no stones unturned and ask any questions that will ensure that your wedding is as smooth as possible. There are also few wedding planners you can always count on when it comes to helping you have a perfect day on your wedding, and the chief among them is Le Crystal.


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